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Release the Kraken !

Today we are glad to release Kraken Land which is very promising. The game is a platformer easy to play and hard to master. You have to finish the level fast as possible. There is 3 missions and 2 secrets areas on each level.



This is the first version of the game. A prototype that allowed me to work on the gameplay first.


The new version doesn’t burn eyes any more… We keep the idea about the water, the octopus was redesign and the color are “fresh”.



We thought a lot about the gameplay. The objective was to have a joystick to propose an interesting exploration. But with the joystick, I didn’t want any buttons. It was something important, leaving space for a simple action, jumping. We worked 1 month on Level 1. The goal was to have perfect gameplay.

To make the levels, we had the idea to use legos to easily work the game design.

level 9


Here is the final result. Now we can make a level in 1 day.



We took a lot of fun working on this game.



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