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Daily Panda

Daily Panda offers you your own panda; it’s just for you. It can do anything as long you take care of it. Caress it, feed it, teach it to stay clean, play with it, put it to sleep …Dress it up the way you like and play with him. To make a long story short, it’s your new companion and you help it grow and have a lot of fun.

Adopt your own virtual pet. Play with him, pet him and make him happy.

- Play mini-games with your panda
- You can interact with your panda by taping on the screen
- Take care of an adorable pet !
- 42 levels
- You can take pictures of your adorable pet
- Fishing game
- Crazy River game
- Make fun with your little animal and take care of it ! You can deguise him with a lot of stuff !
- Virtual animal on your pocket

Take care of your panda simulator !



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